The Library As Incubator Project
Written by Erinn Batykefer
26th July 2016
Featuring: Hannah Brown

Stitches Magazine
Written by Teresa Hegel
February 2015
Page 23, 'Bookbinder Uses Intricate Stitches In Craft'

Financial Times, How To Spend It, 'Bespokesperson' Column
Written by Lydia Winter
Wednesday 21st January 2015
Hannah Brown: Bespoke Bookbinding

Bookbinder: the Journal of The Society of Bookbinders (Vol. 28)
Written by Hannah Brown
'Mayflies of the Driftless Region: A Demonstration of Embroidered Leather Techniques For Fine Bindings'



The Mail On Sunday, You Magazine
Written by Ruth Tierney
Sunday 30th November 2014
'Meet your makers: The 20-somethings turning their backs on technology in favour of old-school skills'

'The Bicycle Diaries' binding featured in the Showcase section of the J Hewit & Sons website 

Featured 'Binder of the month' on the Flash of the Hand Blog, compiled by Erin Fletcher in Boston, USA.

The New Encyclopedia of Techniques for Crafting With Paper
By Ayako Brodek and Juju Vail
Search Press Ltd., 2011
Various images throughout publication

Bound for Success
Edited by Jeanette Koch
The Bodleian Library, 2009
Page 24, image of Designer Bookbinders International Competition, 'Water' binding

The Telegraph 'Review' Section
Written by Tony Clements
Saturday 13th June 2009
Page R16&R17, image of Designer Bookbinders International Competition, 'Water' binding

The New Bookbinder: Journal of Designer Bookbinders, Colume 29 2009
Designer Bookbinders Publication, 2009
Back cover, image of Daphne du Maurier's, 'Don't Look Now and Other Stories'

Introducing Two New DB Licenciates
Newsletter of Designer Bookbinders, No. 147
Edited by Rachel Lloyd
Summer 2009, Page 4

'Binding the Birds'
Newsletter of Designer Bookbinders, No. 146
Edited by Rachel Lloyd
Spring 2009, pages 7-8

'Mount Making for the Medieval & Renaissance Exhibition Tour'
The Victoria and Albert Museum Conservation Journal, Number 56
Spring 2008