Clara Button and the Wedding Day Surprise

  • Clara Button and the Wedding Day Surprise
  • By Amy De La Haye
  • Illustrations by Emily Sutton
  • V&A Publishing, London, 2013
  • 278mm x 235mm x 12mm
  • Bound in 2014
  • Private Collection, UK

Red goatskin leather spine with turquoise bookcloth covering the front and back boards.
Sewn on stubs to aid the viewing of the full page illustrations.
Rectangular hole cut through front board to view the illustrated endpapers behind.
The removed section of the endpaper is sewn to the back board of the binding.
Sewn detail and leather rectangles on the bookcloth.
Red felt bag with ribbon tie and book title.
The Story
After the postman delivers their invitation to a wedding, Clara and Ollie begin careful preparations. Clara imagines what the bride might wear, and might have worn in the past, but disaster strikes the night before the big event!