• Butterflies: Collection One
  • Designed and Illustrated by Hannah Brown
  • www.han-made.net, 2011
  • Book: 100mm x 107mm x 35mm
  • Box: 125mm x 125mm x 80mm
  • Bound in 2011
  • Made for the Designer Bookbinders UK Touring Show

Concertina binding with wenge wood boards
Front board drilled and inset with three small origami butterflies in miscellaneous papers behind acrylic windows
Boards have sewn detail and 9ct gold wire attached to surface
Book held together with a leather-covered magnetic strap
Pages individually hand-illustrated, sewn and tooled in carbon and gold foil
Tulip wood box which has been routed, mitred and glued
Acrylic window inset into the top of the box to view nine origami butterflies
Butterflies made from miscellaneous patterned papers with different wire antennae in steel, 9ct gold, brass and coated white
Entomological pins inserted through holes drilled in the acrylic
Nine plastic numbers wired in place onto the wood
A ‘make your own’ pouch contained in the box lid with miscellaneous coloured squares of paper
Description of Design
This book is a 'make your own' origami book with step-by-step instructions of how to make your own origami butterfly. It is made in a square format to reflect the nature of the origami paper and includes a pouch with papers in it so you can make your own. The pages include imagery of the patterns made by each fold whilst progressing through the steps.
The box is designed to be like a specimen box in a museum and uses genuine entomological pins to hold the butterflies in place. Within the box is a pouch, held in with red elastic, containing paper squares to make your own butterfly.