Flowers from Shakespeare's Garden: A Posy from the Plays

  • Pictured By Walter Crane
  • Cassell and Co. Ltd, London, 1906
  • Book: 186mm x 253mm x 20mm
  • Box: 206mm x 272mm x 47mm
  • Slip Case: 217mm x 278mm x 60mm
  • Bound in 2012
  • Made for the Designer Bookbinders International Competition 2012
  • Collection of John Hodgson, UK

Full leather binding in purple goatskin with miscellaneous coloured leather onlays .
The leather is embroidered over the onlays with coloured silks and metallic threads using a variety of embroidery stitches.
There are nine gold plated brass pieces attached to the boards.
Carbon tooling and flecks of gold tooling scattered over the whole book, done using hand-made finishing tools.
The endpapers and doublures are printed using a soft-plate off-set printing method, and embellished with coloured threads and tooling.
Tulipwood box, mitred and held together with bog oak keys at each of the box corners.
The lid has a line drawing that has been computer routed on to the surface.
The bottom internal box pad has a single embroidered flower sewn on it.
Description of Design
The book contains quotes from Shakespeare plays,  all of these quotes containing names of flowers. Walter Crane who, throughout the book, depicts figures wearing outfits made up of each of the flowers illustrates all of these quotes. The cover, doublure and endpaper design is made up of each of the flowers mentioned in the book.