Arthur and Emily Wedding Album

  • Wedding Guest Book
  • Plain text block
  • Book: 160mm x 220mm x 30mm
  • Bound in 2014

Full leather binding in green and brown scarf-jointed goatskin with miscellaneous leather onlays in orange, brown, green and grey.
Stub binding sewn on brown folded paper stubs, then sewn onto three tapes laced into the boards.
The leather is embroidered over the onlays with silk threads using a variety of embroidery stitches including chain, running, French dots and cable stitch.
Endpapers and doublures a map of where the wedding took place, with the venue highlighted by an embriodered and coloured circular outline.
The names of the couple and the date sof the wedding are hand-tooled in gold in the tracks of the tractor wheels.
Description of Design

From the start I knew that the colour scheme for this binding had to be green and brown, as that is respective surnames of the couple. This, along with the fact they had a country wedding and also love their alloment formed the basis of the design. I decided to add items into each of the fields including carrots, sheep, crop circles and a tractor impressing their names into the ground.