Claude Monet

  • By Janet Savin
  • Tamazunchale Press, Newton, Iowa, 1986
  • Book: 66mm x 69mm x 13mm
  • Box: 87mm x 93mm x 35mm
  • Bound in 2014
  • Private Collection, USA

Full leather binding in fair goatskin, dyed with analine dyes.
Sections of the leather are dappled with acrylic paints and there are miscellaneous leather onlays in green, yellow, maroon and light blue.
The leather is embroidered over the onlays with coloured silks using a variety of embroidery stitches.
The book is bound as a stub binding sewn onto two tapes, with the original gilt edges of the text block retained.
The headbands are made from leather, with the visible top edge painted with acrylic paint.
There is a small amount of gold leaf tooling on the covers, using hand-made finishing tools, and also foil tooling on the doublures and endpapers using the same tools.
Oak box, mitred and held together with keys at each of the box corners.
There is a sliding frosted acrylic lid, with two circular viewing holes and a turned brass knob.
The inside of the box is decorated with gold foil tooling.
This box sits within a cloth-covered box, with an embroidered title and a pocket containing the original marbled endpapers.
Description of Design
The miniature contains a short history of Monet’s life, including a final chapter about The Water Garden at Giverny, which was the main focus of Monet's artistic production during the last thirty years of his life. My design is based on the many paintings that Monet did of waterlilies (approximately 250 in total), many of these works were painted while he suffered from cataracts.