The Unfinished History of the United States

  • The Unfinished History of the United States
  • By Alan Arthur Conway
  • Privately Printed, 2014
  • Book: 210mm x 150mm x 20mm
  • Bound in 2014
  • Private Collection, UK

Full leather binding in blue/grey goatskin with alum tawed leather onlays.
The leather is embroidered over the onlays with silk threads using a variety of embroidery stitches.
The hull of the ship is washed with grey acyrlic paint.
Endpapers and doublures are hand-inked dots, the dots indicating people with extra gold foiled dots indicating the key explorers.
The front doublure and endpaper indicates the early explorers going to America, and the back full of dots showing the population now.
The east coast of America is carbon tooled into the leather, spanning over to the back cover of the binding.
Description of Design

The book was a work in progress for the author which started in the late 1960's, a satirical unfinished history of the United States of America. It was left unfinished due to ill health but I was commissioned to bind this book in memory of him and his humour.