A Thrill of Pleasure

  • Poetry by William Wordsworth
  • Wood Engravings by Rosemary Roberts
  • The Celtic Cross Press, North Yorkshire, 2003, Copy no XII of XV in sheets
  • Book: 305mm (h) x 260mm (w) x 47mm (d)
  • Box: 343mm (H) x 306mm (w) x 85mm (d)
  • Collection of John Hodgson, UK
  • Bound in 2015 for the Designer Bookbinders "Covered" Exhibition
Full leather stub binding, sewn on five tapes, covered in dark brown goatskin.
Fourteen leather onlays in the shape of duck eggs, dyed in a speckled pattern with spirit dyes.
The eggs are gold tooled and lie in a nest constructed from leather onlays, embroidery threads and blind tooling.
The endpapers are lino-printed with the pattern of more eggs, and embellished with cotton threads.

Description of Design

The book contains poems by William Wordsworth. The design was created to illustrate one of the poems from the book, “The Wild Duck's Nest”:

"The Imperial consort of the fairy king
Owns not a sylvan bower; or glorious cell
With emerald floored, and with puerperal shell
Ceilinged and roofed, that is so far a thing,
As this low structure - for the tasks of spring
Prepared by one who loves the buoyant swell
Of the brisk waves, yet here consent to dwell;
And spreads in steadfast peace her brooding-wing.
Words cannot paint the overshadowing yew-tree-bough,
And dimly-gleaming nest, - a hollow crown
Of golden leaves inlaid with silver down,
Fine as the mother’s softest plumes allow;
I gazed - and, self-accused while gazing, sighed
For human-kind, weak slaves of cumbrous pride!”