British Textiles: 1700 to the Present

  • By Linda Parry
  • 1000 colour illustrations
  • V&A Publishing, London, 2011
  • Book: 305mm (h) x 260mm (w) x 47mm (d)
  • Box: 343mm (H) x 306mm (w) x 85mm (d)
  • The Clothworkers' Company, London, UK
  • Bound in 2015

Full leather binding, sewn on five tapes, covered in cream goatskin.
Twelve leather inlays spread over the binding, each patterned with leather onlays and embroidery to give the appearance of selected fabric samples from inside the book.
The leathers are embroidered over the onlays with silk threads using a variety of different embroidery stitches.
The swatches are numbered with gold-tooled circles, and “pinned” to the cover with gold-tooled pins.
The endpapers and doublures are patterned with ink in a grid-like pattern, and embellished with multi-coloured threads.
The edge is coloured with grey acrylic paint.
Oak box which has been routed, mitred and glued into shape.
Acrylic window inset into the top of the box through which to view the patterned and embroidered title letters, like in a museum case.
A key is stuck inside the box lid to show where each of the book and box letter samples can be found inside the binding.

This book contains 1000 colour images of textiles from the Victoria and Albert Museum's collection, from 1700 onwards. The design was based on a few pages in the book that featured sample swatches pinned to boards. I decided to chose twelve fabric samples spanning as broad a range of years as possible, and recreate these using coloured leathers and threads. The chosen years were; 1707-8, 1718, 1760, 1788, 1803, 1810, 1895-1900, 1910, 1930, 1951, 1953 and 1971.
The endpapers and doublures were designed in a grid to appear like the warp and weft of fabric, with coloured threads “woven” in the pattern. This pattern was also used in the lid of the box.