Randall Davies and His Books of Nonsense

  • With a Learned Introduction by Dr Paul W Nash of the Bodleian Library, Oxford
  • Incline Press, UK, 2014
  • Book: 231mm x 181mm x 28mm
  • Box: 259mm x 213mm x 55mm
  • Collection of Anthony Davis, UK
  • Bound in 2015

Full leather binding, sewn on five tapes, covered in yellow goatskin.
Hexagonal honeycomb pattern covering the whole book, made up with a variety of techniques including: Embroidery; gold, carbon and blind tooling; leather onlays and inlays; impressions into the leather; and cut-outs through the boards.
Sixteen bees are onlaid in leather and japanese paper and then embroidered. 
Five gold-plated brass pieces are drilled and inserted through the boards. 
The doublures and endpapers are lino-printed and embroidered with the same hexagonal pattern, plus further patterned with lino-cut stamps. 
Oak box with tooled title and sewn hexagons on the lid.
The text block contains an extensive series of early woodcuts combined with amusing rhymes. I chose to base the design on the following verse,
"There was an old fellow of Perth
Whose bees were the finest on Earth.
They grew such a size
That they each took a prize,
And goodness knows what they were worth."
With this in mind I chose to cover the book with a hexagonal pattern made up using a variety of different techniques. Most of the bees on the cover design have one of three different "prizes": rosettes, medals or trophies. The bees who are not carrying their prizes are storing them on the paper doublures and endpapers in the form of lino-printed stamps in the shape of trophies.
The endpapers were lino-printed in order to tie in with the wood-cut prints throughout the text block.