Trailbound or The Plough Series

  • A compilation of poems, quotes and images
  • Privately published
  • 78mm x 107mm x 15mm
  • Bound in 2016
  • Private Collection

Four small full leather bindings bound in dark grey goatskin.
The leather is embroidered with the ouline of the Plough and North star, each of the four is a different colour.
The leather is gold-tooled with stars scattered over the books.
The endpapers and doublures are made using watercolour paints and salt, then tooled with gold foil.
Each book has a slip case lined with the corresponding coloured paper.
Description of Design

The client planned the book as mixture of poems and other material to take on long hikes and sailing trips. Quite a few of the poems are about trails, so the title of the books were meant to be a bit of a meandering pun. The cover design was chosen to represent way-finding, in the celestial sense, showing the Plough Stars and their connection to the North Star - an oblique reference to the fact that a lot of trips and adventures are often ultimately about discovery and finding "a new North".