• Knots
  • By 'Gilcraft"
  • Morrison and Gibb Ltd, London and Edinburgh, 1942
  • Book: 186mm x 127mm x 15mm
  • Bound in 2019

A full leather binding covered in sage green goatskin sewn on three tapes. The cover is decorated with twenty eight hand-embroidered knots taken from illustrations inside the book, each sewn in a variety of different coloured threads that merge into one another creating an interlocking pattern. On the inside of the boards, on the paper doublures, are the names of each of the knots plus a reference number leading you to the pages within the book to find them on. 


As well as the embroidery on the cover there are small additions of gold wire and wood veneer on four of the knots. The book is blind tooled in the spaces between the knots using a hand-made finishing tool. The book is then housed in a tulip wood box with the title of the book on the lid.